The best ways on how to paint a dirt bike frame

05/18/2018 at 3:55 pm by Joseph Mathews | Posted in Maintenance and Repair

The best ways on how to paint a dirt bike frame

Bring back an old bike is a fun project and provides you an excellent sense of achievement when you complete your bike bring back. The one action that needs to need the most time is the painting of your frame. Since there are a lot of actions included and it cannot be finished sometimes it needs a lot of persistence.

The primary step to repainting your old bike frame is removing it from any rust, paint, old decals, or anything else that has settled throughout the years.

You will need to remove all the paint however it is OKAY to keep a few of the old guide on the frame. When sanding, make certain to use a mask to keep you from breathing in any of the paint dust. If you bike is old enough the paint may include contaminants.

After your frame is removed you will need to guide it. You can buy auto guide from your local auto store. Take a shoe lace, string or rope, and put it through the frame neck and use that to connect it to a fence or tree. You will wish to guide and paint outside or in a well aerated area. Make sure you are far from cars or homes and discomfort downwind to avoid paint or preliminary from coming back to you. From about three feet away start spraying your guide uniformly onto your frame. Let it dry by following the drying time on the guide can. If the guide can suggest to sand then follow the guidelines, if not then do not sand. If you do sand and go through the guide you ought to renovate that part.

 you can start paintingNow that your frame is premiered you can start painting. You can find auto spray paint at your local auto store. Make certain your frame is clean of dust and dirt. Use the same technique and style painting as you made with the guide and do not over paint. If you get too close or over paint you will start form leaks on your frame and as soon as they dried out you will need to sand them off and re-paint. You must do a light sanding after your first layer, and after the drying period is over. You should clean your frame devoid of dust and dirt. You are prepared for your second layer. Follow the same approach as before. If you want, you can include a 3rd layer however it is not always needed.

Once your paint is done you need to include a clear enamel coat. You can buy this at your local auto store. Use it utilizing the same technique as the paint and guide. Follow the guidelines on the can and once you finish this action you are done. Your bike will look brand new and ready for comfort driving and you will have a terrific sensation of achievement.

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